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Thank you for visiting SLG Technologies. Our offices are located in Glen Rose Texas and we specialize in supporting small businesses and residential customers who need network support and computer repairs. Our engineers have over 25 years experience in supporting networks and maintaining computers. We understand that network and computer problems can be very expensive and frustrating. Our mission is to provide small businesses with dependable professional serivces they can trust.

If you need support, we can provide both onsite and remote network and computer support. In most cases, our team can repair your computer or network the same day. It's important for any business to have the right resources to resolve any problem. At SLG Technologies, we have strategic partners such as Ingram Micro, Lenovo, and IBM that help us provide the resources needed to resolve any network or IT related problem. If you need to replace, upgrade, or expand your network, our team can provide a consultation, design a solution, procure the hardware, install the equipment, and provide ongoing support.

Give us a call at 1-877-735-5055 or stop by our office in Glen Rose to meet our team. We would love to talk to you!

Computer Repairs - SLG Technologies

Did you know that computer problems or slow networks can cost small business more money than it takes to fix the problem? A slow computer or one infected with a virus, malware, or bad piece of hardware negatively impacts customer service and productivity. Think about the last time your internet went down and you had to wait several hours or possibly all day for the repair technician to show up at your business. Was that work day productive? Did you get everything accomplished that you set out to accomplish that day? Most likely, you did not and your day was filled with frustration.

Today, doing business without a computer is almost impossible. Doing business with a slow or broken computer is just as bad. One critical mistake businesses make is neglecting to perform proactive assessments or maintenance on their computers and networks. The only time when work is performed is when the computer breaks and the business communications are down. Now think about the cost during this time. You have paid employees that can't work. You have existing customers that can't purchase your products. You have potential customers that get frustrated because they can't contact you or you are telling them that your business is experiencing problems. Last but not least, you're probably paying for a repair technician to fix the problem at an increased rate because it's now an emergency. Ensuring proper computer maintenance prevents emergency computer repairs and downtime.

Don't get caught in a situation that, in most cases, are prevented by proper maintenance and quarterly assessments. Ask us about our affordable managed services to keep your business on track

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